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Support in Certification

The skills acquired in the projects in which we participated, enable BMC to implement projects for environments subjected to special regulations concerning standards CEI EN and also enable leading manufacturers, exporters, importers and retailers through the various stages of the certification of its products.

To meet the requirements imposed by applicable standards it is necessary to perform:
Criteria on the product
Preparation of technical file
declaration of conformity
collection of third-party documents used in the project
monitoring and reporting of collected data

BMC for these operations will complement or replace the customer to simplify the management of the certification process, complying with regulations such as:


Hardware design

BMC designs and realises electrical equipment

BMC designs and manufactures electrical equipment for machines and systems, own or third parties, by means of electrical CAD system. It also produces electrical diagrams for power distribution panels, together with planning of modular cabinets and single-line diagrams.

The drowing of technical documentation is made in accordance with the latest regulations:
Standards IEC 750, CEI EN 61346, FIAT e UL/CSA.

In order to offer the best service, BMC adopts the most common and well known electrical CAD such as:

Spac Cad
Eplan 5
Eplan 21
Eplan P8

The circuit diagrams of BMC are customizable for customers’ needs.

Software design

The knowledge, gained in automation scope, allows BMC to design and implement autonomously checking software for major PLC on the market, together with the development of applications for operator panels and Supervision SCADA-based systems.

Our experience allows us to be specialized on a wide range of PLC, form the smaller and more compact up to the medium and high power modular ones.

Allen Bradley
Schneider Electric Telemecanique, Elau
CNI Informatica

Concerning man-machine interfaces, BMC has experienced the full range, from the very small operator panels up to the supervisory systems:

Siemens: ProTool, WinCC
Allen Bradley: PanelBuilder32 , RSView Studio, RSView32
Schneider Telemecanique: XBTL 1000, Vijeo Designer
Progea Movicon
Omron: NTST
Pro-face: GP-Pro
UniOP: Designer